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Cyrex Testing

Jan 30

Written by:
1/30/2015 6:34 PM  RssIcon

I see many patients that come to my office with a wide array of digestive complaints. The symptoms include gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and intolerances to certain foods. The patients range from the very young to seniors.

In patients’ search to get well they have often gone the traditional route with little results and a prescription for an acid blocker. This is not going to fix the problem and often will contribute to the patient’s downward spiral over time. Conventional testing looking at IgE food allergies fails to pick up foods that the patient has a delayed sensitivity to. IgG testing looks at these delayed sensitivities and can often be discovered and then removed from the diet with a positive outcome in the patient’s health.

Many doctors do a traditional celiac panel from conventional labs that are diagnostic for a patient with full-blown celiac disease, but not sensitive enough to pick up non-celiac gluten sensitivity. It is common for a patient to have been tested from a conventional lab and the results turn out to be negative. However, if the patient gives up gluten they feel better. The problem is that the test is not sensitive enough to discover non-celiac gluten sensitivity. If the traditional test result is positive then you most definitely have a gluten problem. When this happens my goal is to fix the gut using target nutrients and remove gluten from the diet.  Do not replace gluten with another high carbohydrate grain that can often cross react with the gluten antibodies.

As a certified gluten practitioner I have the ability to offer my patients a more sensitive and sophisticated type test. Cyrex labs is a premier functional assessment lab that offers testing that I can not get from any other lab.

Cyrex array 2 will evaluate “leaky gut.” Intestinal permeability to large molecules can inflame the immune system. In my opinion, almost every autoimmune disorder has a leaky gut component unless proven otherwise. The gut is not like Las Vegas. What goes on in the gut does not stay in the gut. This test proves whether or not this is a cause of the patient’s ills.

Cyrex array 3 will accurately evaluate gluten reactivity. Traditional testing evaluates one wheat protein where this test evaluates 9. I would recommend array 3 for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia in addition to any autoimmune disease. Traditional testing for gluten will often miss, where array 3 will accurately identify.

Cyrex array 4 evaluates 26 different foods that cross react with wheat. This is for patients that fail to get well on a gluten free diet. It is frustrating to the patient and clinician when the patient has been gluten free for a long period of time and still does not feel right. This test can provide the missing information needed to complete the puzzle.

Cyrex array 5 measures predictive antibodies, some of which can appear up to ten years before the clinical onset of disease. This test is truly a window into the future. By properly identifying these antibodies, patients with my help, can reverse what would be inevitable. This is truly preventative medicine at it’s finest. If the test is negative, this should be an occasion for celebration.  

Cyrex array 11 identifies the loss of immune tolerance associated with xenobiotic exposure.  Certain environmental chemicals can ignite the immune process. Is your autoimmune disease a result of being poisoned by the environment? This is a great test to find out if you are being poisoned.

Cyrex array 20 evaluates a breach of the blood brain barrier. Leaky BBB is associated with MS, ALS, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, ADD, Autism and Stroke. What causes leaky gut can also cause loss of this most important barrier.

In a perfect world, it would be great to have these tests evaluated on all my patients. Many insurance companies do cover a percentage of the cost.

After an initial consultation I often recommend functional testing.  Since incorporating this advanced testing many patients have been able to correct the underlying root cause of their symptoms.


-Dr. Scott Banks

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